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Hospitals and Health Systems

As an NCQA certified CVO, 3WON provides credentialing and health plan enrollment services and automates the data collection, management, and distribution process. Accurate provider data reduces payment friction and improves cash flow by reducing labor expenses and eliminating data acquisition costs.

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Our Capabilities


3WON collects and verifies data (both PSV and Non-PSV verifications), creates a MEC ready credentialing file which includes a completed application and supporting documentation.


Health Plan Enrollment

A critical component to fully onboarding a new practitioner hire is enrolling them with your contracted health plans as quickly as possible. 3WON's tools ensure enrollment forms are complete, which accelerates the health plan enrollment cycle-time. 


3WON's ProStat dashboard can create ready to use and customized reports regarding your practitioner roster.


Data Cleansing

Using our proprietary intellectual property, 3WON cleanses and verifies all practitioner professional and demographic data. 3WON continuously manages this data and provides updates on a near real-time basis.

Inaccurate directories frustrate patients by reducing their ability to seek care. 3WON provides roster updates to your contracted health plans.

Directory Management

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Risk Management/Sanctions Monitoring 

NPDB continuous query, arrest alerts, potential conflicts of interest, and monthly sanction checks.

Regulatory Compliance

3WON adheres to all accrediting bodies as well as state and federal requirements. Ensuring the client remains in good standing as it relates to practitioner data.


Committee Module

The ProStat dashboard provides MEC members access to a completed file for review and comment in advance of their meeting.

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