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Medical Groups

For groups greater than 20 medical professionals, 3WON has the technology and support to improve your provider data management needs, reduce administrative burden, and minimize practitioner engagement...

Save time, reduce expense, improve payment integrity, and increase patient volume.

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Our Capabilities


Credentialing Applications

Once practitioner data is collected and verified through our SmartForm application, 3WON software automatically populates credentialing applications with up to date and verified professional and demographic data. 


Health Plan Enrollment

A critical component to fully onboarding a practitioner is enrolling them with your contracted health plans as quickly as possible. 3WON's tools ensure enrollment forms are complete, which accelerates the health plan enrollment cycle-time. 


Application Monitoring

Once an application has been submitted, 3WON monitors the process from start to finish.

Directory Updates


Inaccurate directories frustrate patients by reducing their ability to seek care. 3WON provides roster updates to your contracted health plans.


Expirables Management

3WON manages all practitioner professional and demographic information. Any practitioner data that may have an expiration date is monitored by 3WON.


Sanctions Monitoring

Monthly sanction checks are performed. This includes OIG, State OIG (where applicable), OFAC, SAM, and the Medicare Preclusion List. 



3WON's ProStat dashboard provides complete oversight to individual practitioner data and your entire roster. Alerts and notifications to changes in the data are provided as they occur. 

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