What We Do.

3WON technology reduces inefficiencies, minimizes risk, and improves quality of service for medical professionals, health systems, and health plans.

3WON's core competencies revolve around the collection, continuous management, and distribution of practitioner data. Utilizing a central repository to distribute the data eliminates the flow of bad data from varying sources.

As a healthcare information technology company specializing in Practitioner Data Management (PDM), 3WON is also an NCQA-certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO).


Our online portal automates what has typically been a manual process and centralizes PDM functionality across departments, markets, and geographic areas. Our process streamlines information collection practices, reduces administrative burden and cost, and makes it easier for the practitioner to comply with data requests. The 3WON service is used by hospitals, health systems, health plans, and medical groups across the country.


Automated and Centralized Data Service


Our SmartForm makes the collection, validation, and attestation of information easy for practitioners and their administrative proxies.


Powerful and secure cloud-based storage platform with an integrated rules engine, expirable management, and more.


3WON's ProStat reporting tool distributes your practitioner data with real-time updates.

Who We Serve.

Medical Groups
Hospitals & Health Systems
Health Plans

3WON's Value Proposition

  • Reduce enrollment cycle-times and accelerate cash flow

  • Reduce labor and eliminate data acquisition fees

  • Improved risk management oversight

  • Less practitioner friction improves data compliance

  • Centralized repository of practitioner data  

  • Medical staff analytics 

  • NO software costs, NO maintenance fees

Practitioner Data. Perfected.

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