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Data Collection

3WON makes the practitioner the “First Mile” in the collection of data. As a healthcare information technology company specializing in PDM, all consideration is given to how we can ease the burden for the practitioner to comply with multiple data requests.

The 3WON Genesis platform includes our SmartForm; a universal application used for the collection, cleansing, and verification of practitioner data. 

Data Management

Managing practitioner data means more than storing information until it needs to be verified. At 3WON we continuously monitor the data, so it is always up-to-date!  

Integrating our business rules and algorithms, 3WON manages all professional and demographic data, performs monthly sanction checks, and provides notifications to the practitioner as their information changes.

Data Distribution

Practitioner data is mapped and auto-populated to hospital applications, health plan enrollment and credentialing forms.

As data changes, 3WON validates its accuracy and updates in real-time the practitioner's profile. We do not wait for a recredentialing event to provide an update.

3WON's ProStat dashboard provides complete transparency and allows the user to manage and run reports regarding an individual practitioner or their entire roster. 

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